Location Intelligence & Design offers a full range of Drone/UAV services from; aerial mapping, aerial photography & videography, aerial inspections to aerial construction monitoring throughout Ontario and Canada. Location Intelligence & Design provides “Insight at Altitude” that can accelerate the insight that business organization can have into their operations and projects. 

Using the latest in Drone/UAV and GIS technology, we can provide our clients with the insight needed to gain unique visual, digital and map-based information at a lower cost, with greater efficiency, and reach all kinds of previously hard to reach places! Not to mention with a greater degree of workplace and worker safety! Our Commercial Drone Services cover a wide spectrum of capabilities to use in a wide range of industries from construction projects to aggregates & mining to precision agriculture and environmental monitoring to disaster response and transportation and infrastructure projects. 

Location Intelligence & Design is steadfast in their effort to provide top quality profession Drone/UAV services in a safe, effective and in an economical manner. Safety is one of our top priorities for our team and yours.

Team Member

Willie Carroll is a certified drone pilot, professional GIS Analyst and photographer.

He has extensive work experience providing services to various industry sectors including municipalities, government organizations, the mining sector, environmental, utilities, transportation, and many others.

He is unique in the professional commercial drone industry as a result of his background that combines his professional pilot skills, creative photography skills, and career background as a professional GIS analyst. He combines these skills into a one-of-a-kind service that combines the information collected through drone-flyovers with detailed GIS, digital mapping insight, or magical , stunning creative productions.

His professional work has included geospatial analysis of water well data for mining sectors and waste management services for the purpose of regulatory filing, interpretation of ortho-areial imagery and topographical data collected from UAV flights conducted during onsite field studies, preparation of detailed spatial information to be used for Record of Site Conditions and Environmental Phase I & II studies, onsite field surveying of new water monitoring wells and site boundary and feature creation using RTK GPS systems, and online map creation for a company involving data collected in High Arctic studies.

Willie Carroll, C.E.T.
Founder, Chief UAV Pilot

Advanced RPAS Operating Certificate to operate safely under the Transport Canada Rules
Commercial Drone Pilot
Certified Engineering Technologist from Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT)

Willie Carroll, C.E.T.
Founder, Chief UAV Pilot