Aggregates & Mining Projects


Quarry & Aggregate Operators

Construction Companies

Municipal & Regional Governments

Environmental Consultants

Inspection Groups

Regulatory Bodies

Use Case Examples

  • Inventory tracking and volumetric analysis
  • Site surveys and site planning
  • Traffic management and analysis i.e. traffic flow chokepoints
  • Blast planning and water management data collection for environmental surveys
  • Collection of data for PR management – community collaboration
  • Environmental planning and assessment
  • Safety and hazard risk assessment
  • Detailed digital mapping information for ArcGIS and other onsite mapping tools
  • Estimations of Earthworkings, cut & fill measurements

Check out how to use a drone to help with stockpile management.

Quarry Inventory Tracking using a Drone

What to Consider

  • Regular series of flights for an up-to-date archival record for project, dispute management and PR outreach efforts
  • Planning and conservation efforts
  • Theft monitoring
  • Limited shutdown time, if any, to conduct survey

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