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Community Initiatives

Researchers - University, Think Tanks, Research Institutions

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Use Case Examples

  • Continuously update imagery for ongoing risk / reclamation assessment
  • Near Infrared (NIR) for wetland assessments and vegetation assessments
  • Change detection and monitoring of environmental of environmental hazards and risks
  • River and floodplain assessment
  • Evolving morphology of river basins – water flow, ice buildup, ice jams
  • Terrain modelling for risk assessment, reclamation projects, planning
  • Forestry canopy health (NIR)
  • Forest fire damage
  • Planning for insecticide spraying

Aggregate Quarry Reclamation Assessment

What to Consider

  • Before and after time series photographs & videos for website and PR outreach efforts
  • Historical record archiving
  • Ongoing record for potential lawsuit and legal risk minimization
  • Planning and conservation efforts

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