Transportation & Infrastructure Projects


Railway, Ship & Air Companies

Trucking Companies

Engineering & Architectural Companies

Inspection Companies

Government & Government Agencies

Insurance Companies

Use Case Examples

  • Railway car inspections
  • Railway track inspections
  • Ship hold inspections
  • Shipping yard inspection & asset monitoring
  • Aircraft, Terminal & Hanger inspections
  • Airport infrastructure inspections (Runways, Taxiways, Communication Towers, Navigational Assistance devices)
  • Bridge & roadway monitoring & inspections
  • Truck Trailer roof inspections
  • Building Infrastructure monitoring & inspections

Building Foundation Pour Monitoring

What to Consider

  • Scheduled & on-demand aerial data collection
  • Capability to quickly reach harder to reach & hazardous areas
  • Ongoing record for potential lawsuit and legal risk minimization
  • Safety and risk minimization – reduction in need for ‘working at height’ of staff
  • Speed of inspection and setup
  • Regular series of flights for an up-to-date archival record for project, dispute management and PR outreach efforts

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