Utilities Projects


Utility, Water, Electrical Utilities

Construction Companies

Municipalities & Government Agencies

Researchers - University, Research Institutions

Insurance Groups

Environmental & Environmental Assessment Companies

Use Case Examples

  • Solar and wind farm monitoring and assessment
  • Gas line and other utility mapping / monitoring
  • Electrical / gas line / water corridor mapping
  • Hydro pole and other infrastructure maintenance and inspection
  • Asset management via GIS mapping software
  • Contour mapping for route planning
  • Elevation mapping for input into wind speed analysis planning projects

Hydro Line Inspection

What to Consider

  • Significantly reduced cost of inspection
  • Significantly reduced time for plant shutdown
  • Easier to reach dangerous and hard to access areas
  • Safety and risk minimization – reduction in need for ‘working at height’ of utility staff
  • Speed of inspection and setup
  • Valuable insight for community outreach and public

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