Drones And Robots, Are They The Same?

We become very excited when our sophisticated drone industry tracking system picks up wonderful new articles that show more people in the world discovering the power of insight from altitude.

And it recently gave us a hit on a forward thinking article from a construction industry equipment rental company that took on the issue of how ‘construction robots’ might change the industry in the years ahead. It’s a wonderful read!

Much to our surprise, they included drones in that list, with 3 key concepts in play:

We never thought of our technology as a ‘robot’, but when you think about it, it is a part of the overall automation operation occurring in construction and so many other industries.

The summary is a wonderful overview and so we’ll share it in full here:

The popularity of drones in the construction industry has been rising and it’s understandable why. Their versatility on construction sites helps with safety and progress throughout a project.

As they are remotely controlled with aerial capabilities, these machines are uniquely able to provide real-life updates of a construction project, revolutionizing the life cycle of a project without the use of human laborers.

As the industry continues to grow and innovation continues to increase, the use of drones in the construction industry will only continue to increase. A few of the jobs they have improved include:

3-D Mapping with Drones

One such way is through drone mapping, where a drone produces a detailed aerial map of the worksite that can be turned into a 3-D model. This allows contractors to point out and plan for potential challenges during the planning process. This can provide a more accurate budget estimate, saving money in the long run.

Remotely Monitoring and Inspecting Worksites

Instead of renting a boom lift or large cranes that require more than one person to operate, drones can provide crucial inspection without the hassle. A drone’s aerial ability allows it to inspect hard to reach structures.

Maintaining Security

Security is one of the most important aspects on a construction site, with theft costing the industry somewhere between $300 million to $1 billion a year, with less than 25 percent being recovered. Humans are only able to do so much, but with drones, security can be easily improved. A single drone operator can fly the drones up in the air and take an aerial view of everything.

Essentially, we can offer these services and so much more in the construction industries and many others, so you can now consider us your robotic partner too!

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