Drones, Industries and Opportunity: LI&D and A Dramatic New Future!

You know you are in the midst of a disruptive industry when Forbes runs a headline like this:

Drones have been edging their way into industrial and commercial applications for some years now. Popular perception seems to still hover around the idea that drones are used only by hobbyists and the military, with nothing in between. The truth is that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been developing their functional profile considerably over the last while, and have hit significant milestones that suggest the industry is beginning to take off on the diffusion of technology curve.

Forbes, June 17, 2020

The article echoes what we have been saying here since blogging hard on the drone topic since early January of this year – the drone industry is hitting its stride as a significant opporunity in a vast number of industries.

The article is a fantastic read on the fast-accelerating disruptive potential of drone technology in the future, with an emphasis on global-pandemic driven trends: last mile delivery concepts, medical drones, and more.

“….it’s probably safe to say we can expect to see UAVs operating in many more sectors, providing us with more agile, more scalable alternatives to putting people together with needed services and goods. Drones have already proven themselves to be eminently adaptable during a crisis; the coming decade will cement their place in most everything we do.”

Forbes, June 17, 2020

That’s the key going forward – drones are now proving themselves in all the industries that we have covered in this website – construction, energy, agriculture, mining and more. People are coming to realize that ‘insight from altitude’ provides not just new ways of getting you unique information – but also insight that was never previously easily available at such a low cost.

We at LI&D are halfway the first week where we are busy embarking on a new and substantive role within the drone industry. We’re not quite ready yet to share this news – we’re working with our new partner to frame the wonderful opportunity ahead of us!

But we do want you to know we will be transitioning this blog into our new future, and it will become relentlessly focused on this industry, the opportunity it presents, and the success that it will bring to your business operations.

Stay tuned!

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