Friday Flights #15! An Industry Dealing With Difficult Situations and Complex Challenges

Considering everything that has been going on for the last few weeks, we took a moment to consider how the drone industry has been dealing with some of the difficult situations and complex challenges that have presented themselves.

When the Going Gets Tough: The Tough Get Creative: Commercial and Residential Real Estate Marketing in the Era of COVID-19 – Using Drones and More!

When the going gets tough just go and fly. Find out how drones are making an impact in the commercial and residential real estate markets.

If a Picture Says 1,000 Words: A Drone Picture Says a Million

When we fly, our world offers such a different perspective. Here’s a sneak peak at a project that we have been working on. We are excited to be able to share it with you soon.

A Return to Flight: And a Voyage into a New State of Normal!

“Poor little guy just wants to go out and play” – Thanks to Brian Faucher for allowing us to use his image. As some struggle with unfavourable weather, we have started to get back into the swing of conducting flights for our clients.

Flight Planning 101: Anticipating Pushback!

What do we do for every flight that we conduct? We create site and safety plans, file for airspace authorization, if needed, and plan how we are going to execute our flight.

Can We Go There? The Role Interactive Digital Maps Will Play As We Slowly Emerge from the Lockdown!

Digital maps are quickly becoming the way to get information quickly to the public. During these time of COVID-19, they can quickly show what’s open, what’s closed and what it is that people can do.

Marketing and Public Relations : Accelerate Your Initiatives with Insight from Altitude

Having that different perspective of a project or location can sometimes make all the difference to your clients, partners, stakeholders and the public. Drones can provide that dramatic view that could make all the difference.