Accelerating Your Social Media Posts with Insight from Altitude!

Just as the drone industry has dramatically changed in the last ten years, so too has the world of public relations.

Gone are the days of boring press releases, boring content, droll phrases, predictable phrases. Like many other things, PR has had to adapt to the world of instant information, massive information sharing – and social media.

Which is why many leading edge companies with an eye for what matters in this new world are realizing that an eye in the sky is their new best friend for creating relevant, powerful content that matters.

We were out filming a construction site yesterday – for a client who wanted to accelerate their social media posts with insight from altitude. We grabbed some photos and videos from up above, and in the next few days will edit this into powerful content that they can use for their online presence.

A 300 tonne crane lifts in a precast section of wall.

A 300 tonne crane with a massive oom arm from our flight yesterday.

What drew their attention to us wasn’t just our drone flight capabilities – anyone can do that, really. It was our creative expertise in post-production – video editing, photography and more.

We’ve detailed that before – check this post from a few months past in which we shared our creative process.

The world of social-media based PR is dramatically different from the old PR. What worked in the past certainly won’t work today, and will be entirely dead tomorrow!

You need catchy, compelling images or video that draw the visitors attention – because they are literally scrolling through dozens of social media in an instant.

You need catchy headlines to encourage them to click further – because you won’t get your full story across in 140 or 280 characters.

You must encourage them to share your content – because otherwise, your story is just a tree in a forest that has fallen.

So do this today – take a look at where you are falling short with your social media efforts – and consider where a series of really great images or video from up above might help to take you to the next level – up there!

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