Your Drone Partner? They Need to Be More Than Someone with a Drone – They Need to Be a Creative Genius!

No doubt as you search for someone to assist you with your digital mapping, drone visuals or GIS requirements, you’re carefully assessing who and what you find. You might have found us via a Google search, LinkedIn, or via a recommendation from a friend or business acquaintance.

We’ve stressed before – and we’ll do it again – as to why our unique blend of skills will assist you with your project requirements. We’ve got detailed GIS / GPS mapping and analysis skills based on leading edge software platforms like ArcGIS, the worlds most popular digital mapping and analysis program; extensive drone flight experience and are fully certified.

But it’s also our creative side that matters because without the ability to present complex information in a creative way, the information will be muddled, inaccessible and incomprehensible.

Our creative capabilities will take insight from altitude, process it with our analytical skills and present it to you in a compelling visual style. With that in mind, tomorrow’s post will take a look at some of the fascinating new drone visual platforms that help us to do that – platforms like Cartovista, ArcGISOnline, Indishine.

But before we do that, we’d like to share once again the third option you’ll find on our introduction page – a link to wcfotography, the personal and business photography site of our principal and founder, Willie Carroll, C.E.T.

From there, hit the Portfolio link, and then “Real Estate.”

You’ll get a sample of the both the interior and exterior photos that we undertook for a real estate agent – including a couple of overhead drone shots. Take some time to browse through them … visually compelling, a sense of style, composition … all the elements of photography.

We’re pretty certain that you’ll agree that the visual presentation captured is pretty wonderful – we’re tremendously proud of our work!

But here’s the thing – this creative presentation also lends itself to our drone projects.

Bottom line? A drone pilot partner with a drone is a drone pilot with a drone. A drone pilot partner with a creative visual eye is something so much more – and that’s the unique blend of skills that we will bring to your project!

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