Dubai Thanks its Frontline Workers: With a Spectacular Drone Show!

An amazing production put together in Dubai as a thank you to Frontline Heroes. Using a combination of forward thinking and drones, the message was brought across in a creative way.

7 Days, 7 Questions – #1 : “Can a Drone Assist with Audit And Accounting Activities?”

What do drones, accounting and auditing activities have in common? A lot more than you might think. Drones are allowing for rapid and accurate assessments of assets within many industries.

Friday Fun Flights #12! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!

From drones entering the fast paced world of NASCAR to getting your favourite beer from your local pub. This week we have some weird, whacky and wonderful stories for you.

Let Us Entertain You (And Inspire You and Educate You!)

Some people might roll their eyes at what we sometimes do to ensure our clients get the information they need when we fly. We just think it’s another part of the job. Check out how we were able to offer a client a view of what we see when we fly.

When the Going Gets Tough: The Tough Get Creative: Commercial and Residential Real Estate Marketing in the Era of COVID-19 – Using Drones and More!

When the going gets tough just go and fly. Find out how drones are making an impact in the commercial and residential real estate markets.

A Return to Flight: And a Voyage into a New State of Normal!

“Poor little guy just wants to go out and play” – Thanks to Brian Faucher for allowing us to use his image. As some struggle with unfavourable weather, we have started to get back into the swing of conducting flights for our clients.

Friday Fun Flights #10! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!

From using drones to help pollenate date palms in the Jordan Valley to saluting our frontline workers with drones, this has been an interesting week in the world of drone technology.

The Plateau of Productivity: Why The Opportunity for Insight from Altitude Is Here NOW!

Like any new technology, drone tech has gone through the hype, the hysteria, the disappointment, and then the inevitable realization as to the role that insight from altitude can play in so many industries. Find out how this inevitable cycle has shaped how we use drones today.

Can We Go There? The Role Interactive Digital Maps Will Play As We Slowly Emerge from the Lockdown!

Digital maps are quickly becoming the way to get information quickly to the public. During these time of COVID-19, they can quickly show what’s open, what’s closed and what it is that people can do.

Automated Drone Technology – One More Piece to the Fast Evolving World of Insight from Altitude!

Anytime there is a crisis, many technologies will make advances ahead of what is projected, drone technology has continued on this course of advancement.