Let Us Entertain You (And Inspire You and Educate You!)

So, yesterday we had a project for a client that involved a commercial building flight, and our client was pretty curious as to what was involved.

So rather than just doing the flight and then sending the data back to the client, we decided to take the client into the air with us, for them to see what we see when we fly.

Essentially, they could see on the large monitor what we could see on our drone flight application – sharing with them our insight from altitude.

For the technically inclined our set up included:

  • An 80 Ah deep cell marine battery
  • A 2000 watt power inverter
  • A internet router
  • An Apple TV
  • An external monitor

How did all these items work together you might ask? What we did was we hooked up the screen, router and Apple TV to the battery for power. Connected the Apple TV and our iPad to the router through wifi and then enabled screen mirroring on the iPad to the Apple TV which showed what we saw on our iPad while we flew on the external monitor for our clients to view.

This type of collaborative approach helps to accomplish several other important aspects of our business:

  • Our clients realize the full extent of our creative and technical skills, learning quickly that we are an extremely valuable partner who can take on the complex issues of insight from altitude that they cannot
  • It allows us to zoom in on particular issues or features in the building inspection that might be of particular interest to them
  • It helps us to gain real time insight into the types of data and perspective that our client base might be seeking.
  • It allows also for our clients to be onsite and to be able to interact with our inspections while still maintaining physical distancing during COVID-19

It also proved to be a huge amount of fun – we LOVE sharing our LOVE for the world up there with others, and are inspired when they are motivated in real time by what they see.

Bottom line? At LI&D, we don’t just go the extra mile, we go the extra altitude!

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