Automated Drone Technology – One More Piece to the Fast Evolving World of Insight from Altitude!

Since the global COVID-19 crisis began, we’ve set up a sophisticated news tracking system to keep on top of fast developments that the role drone technology, GIS mapping and location intelligence can play, in any sort of small way, with managing and mitigating the challenges.

Today, we were going to try to return to our ‘regularly scheduled program’ with a post on the potential use for drone tech in a particular industry – and then our newsfeed gave us this article:

Three pivots, six years, 100 clients later, the journey has just begun believes FlytBase, the world’s pioneer in drone-automation platform (read article)

Your Story,

If you read the article, and many others that are of the same premise, one thing is clear: one day in the future, the COVID-19 crisis led to a furious acceleration of drone tech.

We know that every industry, technology, concept and idea is charging forward at a furious speed to solve some of the problems that are emerging quickly with this crisis.

And we know that we’ll wake up from this complex COVID-19 situation, and realize that life goes on as normal.

And so while we are working hard to get back to our regular blog posts on the business use of drones, our attention was grabbed by the ideas in this article.

Obviously, many of the drone services that we provide require the hands-on involvement of a pilot – both in terms of project planning, careful flight preparation and performance and more.

But also emerging in this industry is a lot of exploration as to how to automate some routine drone flights, and that is what FlytBase, among others are pursuing. And believe us, there is room enough for both automated as well as manned flights!

For example, read this paragraph! What a wonderful opportunity for a use of a drone to minimize demand on our first responders.

Starting off as a passion project in 2013, today FlytBase, the drone automation startup, is helping enterprises, startups, governments and students leverage the power of drones for interesting use cases. For instance, in the US, the FlytBase platform has been used for automating 911 emergency responses. “A drone is automatically deployed on the receipt of a 911 emergency call. It starts to transmit live images/video from the scene of the emergency. This helps in better coordination among the emergency services and results in a more efficient response. This is an example of how this technology can be effectively used to save lives,” explains Nitin Gupta, Co-Founder, FlytBase.

Then there is this example from the same article – defibrillators from the sky!

FlytBase has worked closely with FlyPulse, a Sweden-based company to accelerate the drone application development of LifeDrone AED — a transportation drone, equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED) . This portable electronic device automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and treats them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy. FlytBase was also instrumental in developing the world’s first application of machine learning on drone image-data for Oryx detection in the desert.

With the complexities of the world that we live in, the acceleration of drone technology will continue to move forward at a rapid pace to try and solve problems we as humans face in these uncertain times. We continue to watch these developments from both a professional and personal point of view to judge how we can continue to support our clients with new technology.

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