Experienced, Licensed, Insured! Why These Things Matter with Your Drone Partner

If you’ve been through our website, you might have noticed this banner:

Like any emerging industry, there are a variety of rules, regulations, licensing and other issues that matter when you pick a partner to work with you!

Let’s take a quick look at each of these:

Insured: We carry a drone industry specific insurance certificate and standard business operating insurance certificates. These help to not only protect ourselves but also you as our client.

Certified: As an operator in Canada, our Chief Pilot has passed all necessary tests and examinations, and possesses an up to date Advanced Operations Pilot Certificate as well as a Restricted Operator Certificate for Aeronautics (ROC-A).

Experienced: In some cases, it’s necessary to file a flight plan with local authorities, particularly when operating in a restricted airspace. We’re familiar with all the rules, regulations and other issues that guide our flight activities.

Is this really that necessary? Yes! Imagine a potential situation in which you’ve hired a drone partner for a critical, time sensitive project, only to have their activities shut down because they didn’t respect the rules and regulations.

Case in point. At one time, we were filming for a construction project – streets around the location had been closed as several hundred loads of cement were delivered in a tightly orchestrated construction pour. Police were in attendance – and in one brief moment, we were approached with respect to our flyover.

We were instantly able to produce our filed flight plan, certificate of operation and other information.

When investing in a drone project, you shouldn’t have to worry that your partner might not have the necessary authority and knowledge to do what they are doing. Here at LI&D, its our job to ease your mind that this has all been done!

Oh, and watch for next week – we’re going to tackle the new and thorny issue as to whether your drone partner should be considered an essential service in these times of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions!

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