Friday Fun Flights #9! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!

Life in the era of COVID-19: it requires a lot of imagination and creativity to try to do the normal things that were done before!

Such as this enterprising drone freelancer in Lithuania who has developed a fascinating new revenue opportunity – drone based quarantine photos. Hmmmm…. this got us thinking!

We take inspiration from inspiration! That’s why we were also drawn to this ‘Drive-in Graduation Ceremony‘ this week. You have to read the full article to truly appreciate the creativity behind the plan.

The drone hook? They’ll be used as part of the livestream video which will be integral to the event! With that, here’s a closer look at how it might work – from altitude!

You have probably seen many videos of drones being used to monitor and manage crowds during this era of COVID-19 – and for using audio to enforce lockdown rules. Last week, we featured a viral video of the mayor of a small Italian town who was yelling at people via drone.

That’s why our attention was drawn this week to an article that actually details the R&D occurring with what has come to be called ‘shouting drones.’

The GIF itself is worth it!

Back to some semblance of reality. There are many more practical uses and one day we will emerge into a post COVID-19 world. With that in mind, drones in construction? Not just to monitor progress, but to actually help in the construction process?

Why not! We came across this older article on Mashable when someone retweeted the story this week. You have to give it a watch!

Our attention was also drawn to an article that was focused on how drone technology might be used to manage a locust outbreak in Kenya. Little did we know that this one article would lead to a fascinating number of articles on the use of drones for wildlife management and protection! Check the images!

Obviously, there is a LOT of creative thinking out there as to how this wonderful technology might be deployed! Sticking with the wildlife theme, we just had to share another one of these posts:

Sticking to that theme, our attention was also drawn to a video this week of a drone that ‘sticks’ itself to a ceiling (pardon the pun!). What’s the benefit? To have an extremely stationary platform for filming! It clings to walls and ceilings – it’s a fascinating thing to watch.!

This has obvious opportunities for movie and news shoots as well as for real time disaster monitoring. The innovation never ceases to amaze!

Oh, and let’s close with this, perhaps the best tweet of the week!


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