Friday Fun Flights #2! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Wings Up There!

Like any new technology that arrives in our world, there are a lot of serious opportunities, we detail them throughout our blog and on our website, but there are also a lot of weird, strange and fascinating new applications.

Hence, we give you the second edition of our Friday Fun Flights series – every Friday, we’re posting some of the unique things we’ve seen while continually monitoring new developments in the world of drone technology.

Remember, if you see a unique drone story, sent it to us at

When e-mail first arrived on the scene, someone realized they could use it to send out blank mass messages. Thus, the world discovered ‘spam.’ It looks like the same thing could happen with drones – we came across this story of a fellow who was convicted for using a drone to drop fliers from the air!

We suspect the concept won’t gain traction.

Our attention was also drawn to a news story about kids who were turning lego pieces into drones. Here at LI&D we’re appreciative of the fact that often, a good part of our future is invented by kids with fascinating ideas, and Lego certainly provides a fuel for their imagination. Read the story here.

Spinning around to another topic (pardon our pun!), let’s talk about big drones! There is some belief that the ‘flying car’ from the 1960’s television series The Jetsons might actually result from taking existing drone technology, scaling it up, and sticking a human in it. There are a tremendous number of prototypes around us, such as seen in this photo of a project in The Netherlands.

That said, we saw this article about a ‘big drone’ that does in-air aerobatics!

Delivery-by-drone is a regular hot-topic in the technology scene – everyone from Amazon to Google is working with advanced prototypes. And so is global food giant Unilever – testing a method to deliver Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream via drone!

Of course, ice cream melts – quickly! So for that, you need a fast drone!

So we found the world’s fastest drone to help them out – it set a speed record of 163.5 miles per hour! 1/4 of the speed of sound! That’s ice-cream fast!

Have a great weekend and remember, if you see any interesting news and developments in the world of drone tech, send us a message at

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