The Time for You To Explore Insight from Altitude? Right Now!

It’s almost spring time and that means that in the next few weeks and months, your opportunity to explore the potential applications for drone-based insight is happening right now – whether you are in the world of construction, infrastructure management, agriculture, viticulture, hemp production or other industries!

And yet maybe you’ve been reading a lot about the potential use for the technology. You’ve seen people talking about it at trade shows and conferences, in online publications, and in the news. You might even have a few friends and business associates who have actively been working with the technology.

And yet, you remain uninvolved, unconvinced, wary, or simply in the dark about how it might be able to provide you with insight that you didn’t previous have!

So why not get up and give it a try! In the last month, we’ve spent a lot of time providing you with wonderful use cases in a variety of industries.

Take some time to browse through them, and then, give us a call to put some insight from altitude into your projects!

History has taught us that every new technology undergoes a period of time when people are aware of the opportunities that unfold, and hold themselves back. Many then wake up later on, and realize that they missed out on big opportunities because they were unwilling to take the plunge.

Here at LI&D, we are committed to work with you, not only to put into perspective the fee for a potential drone project, but also a detailed overview of the benefits that a project could get from incorporating drone work into the project. We recently had a phone call with a municipality who knew something big was happening in terms of potential for new forms of insight, but unsure of where to start. We were able to help and work with them to provide the insight from altitude that they required.

Could this be you? If so, pick up the phone and give us a call! Because as they say, when the future is happening, the future won’t wait for you to jump on board!

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