Friday Fun Flights #5! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!

Last week, we put a pause on our regular Friday Fun Flights feature as the reality of the COVID-19 crisis hit the world.

But as we all adjust to this ‘new normal,’ maybe its time to try to adjust and get back to some things that might bring us hope and levity. With that in mind, here’s our feature of what we’ve seen online – this week and in the past!

We hope it brings you a small smile!

You will have noticed that this week, we’ve been writing how drone delivery technology might actually become a part of daily lives as a result of the crisis. With that, will sky-based advertising become a ‘thing?’

Take a look at this article at Gizmodo – This Sick Video Drone Is the Future of Inescapable Advertising – which features precisely that! It’s fascinating to watch!

Quarantined? In lockdown? Here’s a story about a man using his drone to walk his dog! Yes, there is actual video!

What if you have a Greyhound, the world’s fastest dog? We came across an article of the worlds’ fastest drone : The world’s fastest drone flies at almost 1/4 the speed of sound. There’s a video from the World Drone Racing League!

Last but not least, since many of us are locked down at home, and the weather has become more important to you than ever before, why not have a look at the online weather service that we use when we are planning a flight?

We need to be concerned about wind, cloud cover and more – and so this microforecasting site provides more information than you can imagine on a moment by moment basis!

Have a safe weekend – wash your hands! – and remember, if you see any interesting news and developments in the world of drone tech, send us a message at

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