Friday Fun Flights (on a Thursday!) #8! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!

Tomorrow is a holiday! Which begs the question for all of us on lockdown – what might we possibly do with all that new found free time! (Insert LOL!)

And since we normally run our Friday roundup of interesting things we’ve seen in the world related to all-things-drone, we thought we’d move it up to today, because technically, it is a workday!

So of course, given the global lockdown, it seems appropriate to start with a toilet paper story! This one!

Onwards. No doubt you have seen countless articles online about how government, police and safety officials have been using drone technology to try to manage and track those who are violating strict quarantine orders – it seems to be a global phenomena.

But even so, how about this – we did notice a story a few weeks ago that would probably appeal to every government official trying to ensure that people respect social distancing, quarantines and lockdowns. The video is rather profane will subtitles, so we won’t embed it, but you can find it here.

Of course, you can’t track the drone industry and not see a new story about some new drone delivery initiative – there are lots of companies trying to take advantage of the current circumstances to accelerate their business models and the technology.

Which of course, drew our attention to this news story about the delivery of beer via drone in Russia.

But wait – there’s more! There’s actually seems to be a brewery in Nova Scotia, Canada, who is actually delivering beer via drone! Check out their website – it’s an actual delivery option.

Elsewhere, there are many stories about the use of drones to disinfect streets and public areas – but what about inside hospitals and other critical healthcare facilities? This news article just yesterday puts that opportunity into perspective. Clearly, people have their innovation mindset well in place!

Let’s close off with a serious note – with much of the world currently shutdown and in lockdown, there are some groups realizing that right now is an excellent time to utilize technology to solve some intractable problems, gain insight into things not otherwise easily available, and take advantage of the vast emptiness that is now a part of our world.

With that in mind, the article 7 hard-to-get drone visuals you can get during the COVID-19 pandemic” really caught our attention. Check the list – examine highway infrastructure and parking lots for damage, examine hiking trails, dangerous intersections and more.

It’s a good read, particularly in light of our previous post on the use of drone technology for infrastructure management.

Have a safe long weekend – wash your hands! – and remember, if you see any interesting news and developments in the world of drone tech, send us a message at

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