Real Estate Listings from Altitude : 10 Industries in 10 Days – What You See, What We See!

The real estate industry is one of those that hadn’t changed for a long time – partly because there was never really any need to, and many agents were stuck in an innovation trap.

Find a home to list, take a few pictures, load it up into an online real estate site, and put a for sale sign on the front lawn. Imagination was lacking!

Then we saw the arrival of drone technology, and all of a sudden, the opportunity for a new and more dramatic property showing merged.

What You See

  • Fixed position photography. While useful, these shots often leave little to the imagination if not properly done
  • Homes hidden by trees or other buildings.
  • The same old street-level shots that seem to be routine in all listings

What We See!

  • Far more compelling visual images from altitude
  • Dramatic, more interesting virtual tours
  • Creative videos, which are proven to attract more attention online than simple images
  • Greater access to more property features
  • A competitive edge over brokers and agents who are stuck in old listing methods!

Location Intelligence & Design offers you a variety of opprotunties with your real estate listings. In addition, take a look at the real estate photography section of site for our founder, wcfotography, for a view into his creative eye!

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