Are You Thinking “Location, Intelligence?” The Revolution that is Aerial Drone Insight!

Here’s an interesting pie chart that we just came across:

Here at LI&D we touch virtually all of those sectors – take a look and drill down into any of our industry categories:

And here is what we know – many industries are not yet thinking about the vast opportunities that come from ‘location intelligence’ – the ability to analyze aerial information to see your world in an entirely different perspective , at lower cost, and with a faster time for information availability.

Take a look at our Insurance section for an example of how we outline this opportunity for you:

If you are an insurance adjustor, involved in risk assessment, or are reconsidering your process of making actuarial assessments – you need to add drone based location intelligence insight into your mix!

And that’s why you want to explore our industry section and drill down into each industry – because you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it!

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