Friday Fun Flights #14! Our Weekly Summary of the Weird, the Whacky, and the Wonderful Things with The Drones Up There!


A global pandemic! A global economic meltdown! Murder hornets!

And locusts. Yes, locusts.

Fortunately, there are drones.

2020 – what year! It’s almost like we are on the edge of an era in which anything that could go wrong, could!

Why, it even seems like we are living on the edge of some sort of apocalyptic future – like we are living on the edge of a doomsday.

Oh, wait. Drones.

Maybe we could just go hide in our homes for a time.

Oh, wait, we’ve been doing that.

And oh ya, drones!

Here’s a joke. What do pandemics and drones have in common? No one seems to quite know how to manage the negative impact!

Fortunately, there are lawyers who believe that something can be done!

Because, drones!

Drones and 2020. You know something significant is happening, when the news is full of opportunity and peril with a new technology, the upside and the downside.

Overall, we are optimists about their future benefit, but just like the Internet, social media, Twitter … they’ll be misused, abused and used improperly. And like any new technology and idea, society will work hard to figure out how to best manage them and use them for good.

2020 and drones.

They even made the New York Times in terms of their significance in this new and complex era. Give it a read!

Because, 2020. And drones.

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