Marketing and Public Relations : Accelerate Your Initiatives with Insight from Altitude

The next big thing for your PR or marketing strategy? Look up – it’s right above you!

The fact is, there is a massive opportunity for you to accelerate your PR and marketing activities by including an overview from above. When you can help your clients, stakeholders and customers see the world from a different perspective, you can grab their attention and engage with them in an entirely different manner.

And to do this, you can’t just fly a drone and grab a few photos – you need a dash of creative brilliance to capture your world in a new and different way.

With that in mind, here’s a page you should visit. It’s the Aerial Photography section of our affiliated site, wcfotogrpahy, which features the creative side of our Chief Pilot, Willie Carroll.

Spend a moment to browse through the photos. Have you ever seen a beach at a campground look so wonderful? A swimming pool look so darned interesting? A sunset look so dazzling? A home look so astonishing?

Drones take you into a world of superlative insight from up above – and it is one of the most fascinating opportunities in the world of marketing and public relations today.

Have you been busy exploring the opportunity? And it’s not just photography – it’s video as well!

We were recently engaged by a company in the concrete industry – they had a massive operation that involved some 250 truckloads of cement being delivered to a single site over just a few hours. They booked us to come in and fly overhead, grabbing some video that could be used in future PR campaigns. (We’ll have a separate post in the weeks to come about this particular project because it was so much fun!)

Whether it’s raw footage or polished product, we’re your marketing and PR partner.

If not – give us a call!

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