Up On the Roof! Faster Insight With Better Visibility – The Emerging Role of Drone Technology in the Home Inspection Industry

Tomorrow, we will be speaking to a group of individuals attending their annual home inspection industry conference on the fast emerging role of drones within their industry.

The opportunities are significant!

We’ve also written a very detailed article that puts into perspective the nature of this opportunity – it’s a PDF so give it a read!

How can a drone help in home inspections? As we note in the article:

A home inspection can involve interior and exterior inspections using the inspector’s knowledge, and new technology such as a drone and thermal imagery to help identify issues and make recommendations.

Exterior inspections may involve looking at windows, skylights, doors, gutters, downspouts, roofs and chimneys. Traditionally many of these inspections involve the use of various ladders which can be a safety concern for the inspector. Incorporating a drone into the inspection can reduce the risk associated with setting up, moving and using a ladder and the risks associated with working at height. Also using a drone has a faster set up time than using a ladder. Utilizing a drone can also allow for inspections to occur when site conditions may not allow for a ladder to be set up, such as when there is ice or snow present.

The key benefits?

  1. Faster setup compared to ladders and physical inspection!
  2. Clearly, a reduction in safety risk!
  3. Thermal imagery from the drone can identify areas of heat loss and other issues
  4. Real time insight is available via the tablet that is used to fly – particular areas of concern can be quickly identified and examined in greater depth
  5. Internal examinations are also possible, including hard to reach areas such as vaulted or cathedral ceilings
  6. The photos and videos that are capture can be shared with the client, enhancing the services offered by the inspector!

If you are in the home inspection industry, you might consider how drone technology can assist you with to have faster, better external and internal inspections. And as with all things,  seek a partner who can quickly provide you with these services at a reasonable cost – give us a call at LI&D.

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