Our Great Hits – So Far! The Top 10 Blog Posts And What You’ve Learned!

Back in January, we decided to expand our flight mission here at LI&D – to not only provide the best in aerial insight from altitude utilizing drone technology – but also to help to educate our clients, potential clients, and the world.

And so we committed to writing a new blog post each and every working day. We’ve stuck to our plans, and have no intention of dropping this goal. We believe that, like any technology, there is mystery, misunderstanding, apprehension, uncertainty and more.

We’re here to provide some clarity for you!

And so four months in, with the end of April upon us (and a rather ‘interesting’ number of months at that, to say the least!), we thought we’d take a look at our web traffic summaries to get a sense of the most popular posts over this period of time.

You’ll find this below. Keep in mind that this quick review doesn’t include the sharing of these posts on social media – we put our content out each and every day to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ve been delighted as some of the main drone companies, publications and industry gurus have come to share our insight.

We need your help to get the word out! Share our posts, suggest to your friends they follow us – and send us your ideas! We are eager to continue with this important flight mission!

And so, here goes! Our top post? This one!

That doesn’t seem surprising as the points in the article seemed to strike a nerve with a lot of people – we’ve learned many companies jumped into the drone opportunity without really understanding what they were trying to do, or how to accomplish their goals. Is that you? Take a look!

Number 2: Not surprising – it didn’t have anything to do with drones but our broader topic of digital mapping – with a specific relation to the rapidly unfolding global pandemic.

This post does raise an important issue related to the previous post – may people getting involved with map based insight might not posses the necessary specialized skills for interpretation of GIS, map based insight. Whether with drone technology or not, we here at LI&D do – in fact, it is one of our core competencies.

Number 3? Wine! Who would have though! Our blog post about the potential for managing disease, crop development and more went a little bit viral in the vineyard community, and so that was kind of fun! As we said in the post, we’ll drink to that!

Number 4 …. is a post that we are particularly proud of, as we spent some time to help our readers understand how many simple photographs from a drone in the air can be turned into very powerful, actionable information. If drones are still a mystery to you, give it a read!

Next – it’s not just about maps and data. There is also a creative side to our capabilities here at LI&D – check our companion page, wcfotography. And so number 5 took you on a beautiful tour from up above.

Think about the creative use of drones, in virtual tours, marketing, filmmaking and more.

We do a LOT of posts around the use of drones in particular industries, and the top one happened to involve one of our favourite industries – golf! Our case study for this industry, one of our first posts, was a hit!

This was followed up by another one.

The second most popular industry related post? Construction insight – specially, this one:

Next up? We spent a great deal of time in early April putting together short videos on the role of drone tech in ten different industries – everyone was busy thinking about the horrors of the pandemic, and we thought it might be helpful to think about something else. And so over a period of two and a half weeks (interrupted by our regular Friday Fun feature!), we ran this series. Our highlight post of these ten video clips has since drawn a lot of attention.

Number 9? It was back to COVID-19, and specifically, how some communities are using digital mapping information for providing insight on life after lockdown. As we’ve emphasized, here at LI&D – we aren’t just drone, we’re map based insight.

Number 10? Another one of our posts that explained the methodology that is used to turn data into insight!

We’ve learned from posts like these that there is a crying need with people to understand the power, role and opportunity of drone based insight. This inspired us in a huge way – and so we will continue to ensure that our blog features many more euccatonal posts like this.

And so that’s it for now – our top 10 list from the last four months.

But wait – there’s more! Spinal Tap fans rejoice, because the list goes to 11!

We’d be remiss if we forgot to mention our regular series, Friday Fun Flights – it’s a weekly summary of all the things we’ve seen during the week around and about the world of drone technology. We’re up to 9 weeks now!

You can find all of these posts right here: there’s a lot of fascinating stuff!


Last but not least – remember, we consider it our mission to help you comprehend all things drone – so if there is a topic or issue you would like us to take on, send us an email!

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