Followup: Physical Distancing and the Benefit of Drone Technology

The new roles that drones are playing within companies during these exceptional times are showing themselves every day.

Drone Flyovers: An Essential Service?

Luckily in our line of work, the requirement for physical distancing is not normally an issue. Most of our work involves being in remote locations. Find out how we are assisting with essential services during these times of uncertainty.

Insight From Altitude – Check our Industry Overview Playlist!

Summing up our 10 industries in 10 days. We showcase the industry sectors we serve and how we can help with your projects.

Accelerating Insight At Altitude: Articles, Blog Posts and Case Studies from Location Intelligence & Design!

We have been busy not only working with clients, but also working with some associations to create articles to inform their members about the use of drones within their industries.

Up Above the Roof! How Insight from Altitude Can Enhance Your Home Inspection Opportunity!

Drone use within the inspection industry has seen an increase over the last few years. Using drones for roof inspections is just one example of how drones can be used.

Insurance and Risk Assessment from Altitude : 10 Industries in 10 Days – What You See, What We See!

When disaster strikes, there is always the “after” to think of. A lot of times this “after” gets delayed because of the inability to have useful insight. Drones are helping to change the after disaster response by providing a view that wasn’t possible before.

Big Infrastructure Insight from Altitude : 10 Industries in 10 Days – What You See, What We See!

Any infrastructure project involves big money and big project management. Drones provide a new bird’s-eye into the status and progress of these projects allowing for new opportunities.

Electrical and Renewable Utilities Insight from Altitude : 10 Industries in 10 Days – What You See, What We See!

The arrival of drone technology is changing how utilities are conducting inspections and completing work. Learn how drones can be a benefit.

Our Upcoming “Benefits” Series: 10 Industries – 10 Opportunities!

Over the next two weeks we will be taking a deeper dive into 10 industries and how drones can have opportunities and benefits within projects in these industries. Stay tuned for more updates.

Soaring Above: Providing Unique Insight Into Golf Course Turf Management – Our Talk to the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association Today!

Using drone technology for golf course maintenance does not make maintenance staff redundant, rather it is an extra tool to make their efforts more efficient and cost effective.