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Turf & Rec Publishes Our Article: “Drones & Turf: Monitoring Health of Green Spaces”

“Drones & Turf: Monitoring Health of Green Spaces.” We have been featured in the Turf and Rec publication, which serves the Canadian turf and grounds maintenance industry.

Golf Insight from Altitude : 10 Industries in 10 Days – What You See, What We See!

A drone can be a powerful tool for a golf course to provide a different perspective for marketing material and for use with course management. Here is a short overview of key benefits that insight from altitude can give to golf courses.

Accelerating Your Golf Course Marketing: Reaching the Target Through Drone Based Video Flyovers!

The magic that comes from a promotional video of a golf course or hole fly through videos can help make your club stand out and show what you have to offer to golfers.

Soaring Above: Providing Unique Insight Into Golf Course Turf Management – Our Talk to the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association Today!

Using drone technology for golf course maintenance does not make maintenance staff redundant, rather it is an extra tool to make their efforts more efficient and cost effective.

Here’s a Word: Homologation. And We Can Help You with That Too!

We at LI&D can utilize our drone and mapping technology to help you with your homologation requirements.

“Insight At Altitude” – How We Can Accelerate Your Business Operations!

The arrival of drone technology is changing the very nature of the insight that business organizations can have into their operations.

Sneak Video Peak – Drone Services at LI&D – More Than You Can Imagine!

At LI&D, we offer a wide variety of drone mapping, video and photography services to a lot of different industries – construction, aggregates and mining, golf courses and farms.